INBILICO - La nostra identità

INBILICO - Our soul

It is often in moments of greatest uncertainty that unexpected courage comes to light. It is the questions, not the answers that give us the strength to change course to venture towards new horizons. INBILICO was created to open new roads where it seems there are only obligatory paths.

INBILICO is a Made in Italy brand.
Each step, from design to packaging, is verified and arises from the collaboration with the best professionals in the sectors involved. Sophisticated and constantly updated technologies make it possible to cultivate authentic diamonds, but without the disastrous social and environmental impact of stones from mines. The ability to monitor each stage of processing also allows you to contain costs, without affecting quality in the least.
The collections multiply in infinite combinations.
The jewels, metamorphic and customizable, are designed to be lived in every occasion, illuminating all the facets of the wearer's personality. Designed ad hoc, they are made in selected Valencian workshops, custodians of a wise goldsmith and manufacturing tradition.
Every single component of the packaging is eco-sustainable.
From packaging to biodegradable sponges, from ink to boxes: all the materials chosen to contain and distribute the products respect nature and its resources. Added to this is INBILICO's choice of being paper-free, avoiding unnecessary waste of paper.

INBILICO uses only RJC certified gold. Responsable Jewelery Council. 

INBILICO is the responsible choice of those who want to start changing things.








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